2018 Summit


Reports for 2018

Annual Progress Report

This 2018 report builds on the 2017 Hamburg Annual Progress Report on G20 Development Commitments by reporting on the progress of ongoing commitments and showing the progress the G20 has made on new commitments since the end of the reporting period covered by the Hamburg report. For that purpose, it provide and update on commitments … Continued

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Buenos Aires Update

The Hamburg Update is a first step for putting the Action Plan and its nature as a living document into practice and making the collective and concrete G20 actions more visible. The Hamburg Update reaffirms and strengthens the content of the Action Plan and its High Level Principles. It is guided by the strong conviction … Continued

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Documents for 2018

G20 Call on Financing for Inclusive Business download download
G20 High Level Principles on Sustainable Habitat through Regional Planning download download
G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development download download
G20 Inclusive Business Activities Update download download