2014 Summit


Reports for 2014

Annual Progress Report

The 2014 report outlines progress on new actions identified in the St Petersburg Development Outlook, and ongoing commitments reported in the 2013 St. Petersburg Accountability Report on G20 Development Commitments, including those contained in the 2010 Seoul Multi-Year Action Plan.  

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Accountability Framework

In 2014, the DWG agreed to an accountability framework, which builds on the process led by Russia in 2013. The Framework includes an associated rationale and methodology for considering ongoing and new G20 development commitments in line with Sherpa’s’ guidance on the G20’s comparative advantage. The Framework is intended to be a simple but credible … Continued

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Documents for 2014

G20 response to 2014 reports on BEPS and AEOI for developing economies download download
G20 report on infrastructure agenda and response to the assessments of project preparation facilities in Asia and Africa download download
G20 Plan to Facilitate Remittance Flows download download
G20 Food Security and Nutrition Framework download download
2014 G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan download download
2014 Brisbane Development Update download download
OECD – Report on the impact of BEPS in LICs download download
GFTEOI – AEOI Roadmap for developing country participation download download
FAO and OECD – Food Security and Nutrition Review download download
Adam Smith International – Assessment of Effectiveness of Project Preparation Facilities in Asia download download