5th OECD-UNDP G20 Workshop

Sustainable Development and Inclusive ‌Globalisation:
G20 Policy Actions in the time of COVID-19

5th Workshop organised and co-hosted by the OECD and UNDP

Virtual meetingTuesday, 12th January 2021Download the draft agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. Some countries still struggle with increasing case numbers, while others start recovering; some populations still face severe restrictions of everyday life, while for others containment measures have largely been lifted. Leadership is required more than ever to compensate for unprecedented development setbacks that have eradicated years of progress, as well as for charting a course that takes the world from global disruption in 2020 to global sustainable development in 2030.

Having been elevated to its current form against the backdrop of the 2008 Financial Crisis, once again, the G20 is faced with a disruption of global proportions. Then, as now, the consequences for developing countries are severe. With only 10 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the distance to cover has grown in many respects over the last months. The 2030 Agenda remains the blueprint to advance towards an inclusive and sustainable recovery, and international cooperation is indispensable. Once again the G20 can play a critical role in taking on the challenge of our time: paving the way for a global recovery on a more sustainable development path.

Key G20 documents

  1. G20 Guidelines on Quality Infrastructure for Regional Connectivity
  2. G20 FSD framework
  3. G20 High Level Principles on Sustainable Habitat through Regional Planning
  4. G20 Initiative for Rural Youth Employment: Supporting the “Next Generation” in Rural Development, Agriculture and Food Security in Developing Countries
  5. G20 Principles For Quality Infrastructure Investment
  6. G20 Development Working Group (DWG) Key Elements of Quality Infrastructure for Connectivity Enhancement towards Sustainable Development
  7. The G20 action plan on the 2030 agenda

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