4th Development Working Group Meeting under Indian G20 presidency

The fourth meeting of G20 Development Working Group (DWG) was convened under the Indian Presidency in Delhi from June 6 to 9, 2023 to finalise the outcome documents and to negotiate the Varanasi Communique for the Development Ministers’ Meeting. At the meeting, discussions on the aforementioned documents were held in continuation to the DWG intersessional meetings.

Delegations from the G20 countries, guest countries and International Organisations held deep and focussed discussions to build consensus on the outcome documents while keeping the focus on providing political momentum to the SDG Agenda and realizing a world where trade-offs between the various agendas are minimised,  and making recommendations for an international enabling environment and policy support system which is adaptive, proactive and responsive to the needs of developing countries and leaves no one behind while transitioning to a sustainable future. The G20 Action Plan on Accelerating Progress on the SDGs, proposed to be adopted at the Development Ministers’ Meeting, aims to accelerate progress on the SDGs and identifies transformative transition areas which have the potential to have a multiplier impact on the SDGs; and the G20 High Level Principles on Lifestyles for Sustainable Development highlight areas of action to strengthen the interlinkages and synergies between the development and climate agenda and minimise any trade-offs by democratising climate action.

G20 delegations collectively worked and built consensus on the proposed outcome documents and agreed to present them to the Development Ministers. They unanimously conveyed support and satisfaction for the quality, inclusive nature and the ambition of the DWG outcome documents in enhancing G20’s contribution to sustainable development agenda and strengthening G20 efforts towards fostering sustainable, inclusive and resilient growth.

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