3rd DWG meeting

The G20 Development Working Group (DWG) concluded its third meeting under the Saudi G20 Presidency on September 1-2, 2020. Representatives from several international and regional organizations have also attended the meeting.

The DWG delegates discussed the Framework for Financing Sustainable Development, the Guidelines on Quality Infrastructure for Regional Connectivity, the G20 Emergency COVID-19 Response and Recovery Plan in Developing countries, the Modernized Accountability Framework, the DWG Annual Update that included the Riyadh Update on the G20 contributions to the 2030 Agenda, and the Annual Update on Development Commitments.

Under the Saudi G20 Presidency, the DWG hosted three official Working Group meetings to advance the discussions on the priorities while hosting two side events, South-South Triangular Cooperation and Private Financing for Sustainable Development.

The Saudi G20 Presidency continues to focus on protecting people from the impacts of the COVID-19 while building the bases for a stronger recovery after the pandemic.